Champagne vending machines, breakfast buffets and lunchtime yoga sessions are one way to inspire our workforce. But as the rapid changes to where we work influence the culture we build within an organisation, how do we create an environment where our team will feel inspired to do their best work, perform at peak productivity, and live and breathe our company values?

An inspired workforce

When looking at our people, we can see the core differences between an inspired workforce and a satisfied workforce occurs when they are faced with a roadblock or setback when completing a task or project. Satisfied employees send an email or organise a meeting with others to discuss what to do about walls. Engaged employees begin looking around for ways to move the roadblock. Inspired employees find a way to break right through it.

When looking at the Pyramid of Employee Needs1 the key to an inspired workforce lies with the leadership team. Our leaders champion our mission, vision, and core values, and are the driving force behind their teams. By having our leaders set the standard, we can go from a satisfied workforce to a workforce that stays connected, remains motivated and is incredibly engaged in everything they do.

Creating a workplace that inspires


Communication and collaboration are key to our teams feeling connected, and gives them the confidence their voices, ideas and opinions matter and that they are being heard. Staying connected with our leaders means open communication channels across all levels of an organisation. Having inspiring leaders who create a culture of trust, ensuring an environment where learning and development opportunities are embraced, are also key to teams remaining connected to the organisation as a whole.


We are all motivated by different drivers for success. For some, defined challenges and goals drive people forward. For others, it is a friendly environment and supportive peers. Motivating teams comes down to the core sentiment of making work fun and knowing how each of our team members put in their best efforts. If you fail to motivate our team, you may see unwelcomed turnover, low performance and ultimately, an uninspired group of people who are not connected to the organisation.


Are you, as a leader or an organisation, providing our teams with all the tools and resources accessible to them that will help them be more productive and more successful? If not, this will be the one place you can diminish their engagement. In line with this, offering training on how to use tools or resources is also beneficial for productivity and overall engagement. By having access to these resources and tools teams should also be encouraged to collaborate, whether it be collaborating on a solution to a problem, asking the opinions of others or simply going to a colleague for advice on best practices.

Overall, there is no secret recipe for creating an inspired workforce, and creating this environment is heavily reliant on a great company culture and supportive leadership team. But having a team that is connected, motivated and engaged will change the way everyone operates individually and together.