For anyone who has recently participated in a virtual interview, you will know that interviewing online is quite different from meeting your interviewer in person. And virtual interviews can be challenging work. Like any other interview, preparation is the key. But unlike a face-to-face interview, you need to take a step back and prepare not only yourself but also your environment.

Use these five tips to perfect your next virtual interview, and let your experience, personality and communication skills win your new employer over!


Test, and test again

We work in tech, and we know that tech is sometimes unreliable, especially in stressful situations. There is nothing worse than trying to log in 2 minutes before your interview and realising your microphone does not work. So do what IT professionals do best – test, test, test! Take some time the day before your interview to open the platform, check your internet connection and make sure your microphone and video are connected. Being able to see and hear you is the best way to start your interview.

Dress to impress

We can all be a little complacent when working from home. Choose your clothes appropriately based on what you would expect to wear at work if you were in the office. Remember that your interviewer can usually only see your shoulders and head, so minimise visual distractions like dangly earrings or prominent logos.

Do not be afraid of silence

We are starting to become uncomfortable with silence, often forgetting both the interviewer and the interviewee use silence to reflect and regroup after each question. Your interviewer may be writing notes even if you cannot see this as you would in a regular interview. Pace yourself, be comfortable with pauses, which also are useful when making strong examples of your previous experience.

Seize the opportunity and prepare in advance!

Top tip - the interviewer cannot see what is on your desk or around your screen. Us this as an opportunity to display your notes, the job description, your interviewer details or just a post-it note which says ‘You've Got This’! Just make sure you refer to them discretely otherwise the interviewer may be distracted from what you are saying.

Do not ghost your interviewer

As with any interview, do not forget to send a well-timed follow-up email. It is good practice, not to mention good manners, to reach out to your interviewer thanking them for their time and letting them know you are available if they have any additional questions. If you do not have their details, contact the person who organised your interview. Communication is a trait all employers are looking for!


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