IT Project Delivery Recovery Services to get you back in the green.

Wayward projects go late one day at a time, and by ignoring why, those days and their issues compound until it's recognised as a 'cease and save'.

That's where we come in.


In the dynamic world of complex business, technology transformation projects often encounter unprecedented challenges. More often than not most significant projects can involve multiple legacy systems, disparate data sources and formats, and 'capability and capacity' gaps.

4impacts expert project recovery teams are generally engaged by organisations when a previous vendor(s) has failed to deliver. Our recovery approach is delivered in support of robust strategies aligned to a defined scope and identified success outcomes.

While it's natural for projects to face challenges, recovering a wayward or 'red' project requires a mix of expertise and a phased 'to green' approach.


Problem Identification

Before any recovery can begin, the core issue plaguing the project must be pinpointed. This might appear straightforward but unearthing the true root cause can be challenging

It could stem from vaguely defined requirements or an overly ambitious client-driven schedule. Engage with the project team through interviews and in-depth analysis to clearly determine the issue's origin.

Addressing mere symptoms won't suffice; the underlying problem needs resolution.


Collaborative Deliberation

Once the root cause is discerned, engage relevant stakeholders in a focused dialogue to chart the recovery path.

This can be daunting, especially if some participants are part of the challenge. The key is to address the issue and not individuals.

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the project's pitfalls, this deliberation aims to devise an actionable recovery strategy.


Strategic Execution

Post discussions, it's pivotal to execute the formulated solution.

Whether it entails reshaping the schedule, revising the project's scope, or even altering the team structure, every action should be thoroughly documented and conveyed to all relevant participants.

Each recovery step must be explicit, leaving no ambiguity regarding roles, timelines, or expectations.

Obtaining approval from both management and clients ensures a seamless recovery process.


Project Re-baselining

As recovery initiatives roll out, it's essential for project schedules and scope to reflect these actions.

The updated timeline should incorporate recovery tasks and consider date adjustments.

This phase provides a prime opportunity to scrutinise the entire project, ensuring its alignment for both immediate recovery and long-term success.

Put simply, we'll help you get your projects back to green.

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