Know exactly where your mobile and fixed assets and equipment are 24/7 with AIDC / RFID Asset tracking solutions.

Protect your business from equipment loss, theft, and downtime.

ItemAware Asset and Equipment RFID Tracking and Inventory management solutions.


Monitor the location and usage (Mobile and Fixed/Onsite) of high-cost equipment, tools, valuable IT assets and Inventory across your operations with proven IT and AIDC/RFID solutions.

Being certain that all your items are securely monitored allows you to focus more effectively on your core tasks. However, the manual handling and updating of item details are fraught with inefficiencies and the risk of human error, leading to potential loss of time, resources, and capital.

ItemAware introduces a significant shift by automating the inventory tracking process. It enables you to effortlessly view and manage your items’ information through a mobile device or desktop, helping you to predict potential problems, reduce instances of theft, and identify items requiring maintenance well before they impact your workflow.

Monitor and protect your operational Assets and Equipment, regardless of location.

  • Fully functional on mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Scalable solution that grows with you
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Secure environment and data transfer

"After implementing the system (ItemAware), I found $175,000 of duplicate tools."

VP of Power Delivery, Concurrent Group

"In the time we've had ItemAware running, we've never had to buy another tool...."

Anonymous, Current ItemAware customer


Get a No-cost* Mobile Asset Management Audit

The Audit will enable us to provide you with an ItemAware estimate for tracking-and-protecting your onboard high-value equipment, tools, and assets from theft or loss.

Scott Austin
Head of Supply Chain & Logistics

*No-cost offer subject to size and complexity, at which point we can provide an cost estimate to perform the audit.

Mobile and Fixed Asset Management Solutions.

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Additional tailored technology solutions that address the unique challenges of your industry.

IoT Data Streaming

Connect and process multi-sourced data from across your entire business with real-time* Data Streams and event-driven microservices.

IoT Monitoring

Reduce damage risk throughout the supply chain by monitoring temperature, shock, tilt, location, humidity, and light sensitivity.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand by protecting your high-value products from all forms of counterfeiting by connecting them securely to the Blockchain, not just via the brand packaging or label.

World-class supply chain and logistics technology solutions, partnerships and alliances.

Exclusive Australian partner for Aware Innovations and ItemAware

*Real-time is used as a referenceable capability for Apache Kafka handling high-velocity and high-volume data, delivering thousands of messages per second with latencies as low as 2ms. 

Put simply, we get Asset management.

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