Transformational Case studies, Solutions and Project overviews.

Since 2005 4impact has been delivering a wide range of complex technology solutions in Insurance, Banking, Logistics/Transport, Aviation, Retail, Energy and Infrastructure, and Government, across Australia, New Zealand and APAC.

With a focus on providing genuine business uplift, 4impact has built a reputation for transparency, agility, accuracy and world-class technical delivery.

Quick-read project success stories:


National Aviation Services provider - Logical State Architecture

A National Aviation Services provider was transitioning from system engineering to an enterprise technology model, focusing on Service Management through ServiceNow.

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Virgin Australia Flight State Engine (FSE) - SOA Replacement with Data streaming

Virgin Australia engaged 4impact to replatform FSE, which was built on end-of-life Oracle SOA technology, with a modern, high-performance, highly reliable, high-throughput event streaming implementation based on Confluent Kafka.

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Virgin Australia Business Flyers (SME) Loyalty program - Data streaming

4impact endorsed the use of Kafka as a streaming event platform to coordinate the flow of events among identified systems. We worked with Virgin Australia to develop a high-level architecture documenting the required data types, messaging channels (Kafka topics), and event triggers.

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A South Pacific region Bank - Oracle DevOps

4impact was engaged to develop and implement a DevOps infrastructure-as-code (IaC) solution.

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A South Pacific region Bank - Oracle Flexcube

4impact was engaged to develop and implement Program governance and ways of working to scaffold the applications and infrastructure development of their chosen Oracle partner.

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RACQ Agile Data Migration

Migrate existing Roadside and other customer data-sets to a new Membership Architecture, whilst also recalculating historical tenure and Loyalty levels.

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RACQ Data Migration Feed - Wayward Project Recovery

4impact was engaged to recover a wayward data project, including establishing a new daily data feed into the warehouse which provided better reconciliation and more timely reporting.

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NZ Government Insurer - Guidewire ClaimCenter

4impact was engaged to improve the overall speed, accuracy, efficiency and support services for one of their authorities insurance claims capabilities.

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HIRO Cloud-based Application Development

Aiming to commercialise Hiro into an ERP platform the project sought a scalable cloud product with minimal user friction during the migration of existing users.

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Tertiary Education provider, Pilot MDM Single view of Person/Student Data 

One of Queensland’s Top 5 Tertiary providers engaged 4impact to work on their 'Pilot MDM for Single view of Student data' project.

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Heritage Bank Mobile Banking

Heritage Bank's existing mobile applications on Android and iOS required additional functionality to support the New Payments Platform (NPP).

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Global Payments Platforms

After the Global Payments acquisition of two Australian companies, Ezidebit and eWAY, both continued to operate in isolation, leaving customers with the impression they were dealing with different brands.

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Billzy Invoicing and Payments

An entrepreneurial Fintech startup organisation needed a trusted technology partner to enable them to get into the market at pace.

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RACQ Pet Insurance Product

RACQ developed an idea to launch a new insurance product for
pets, their first new insurance product in over a decade.

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Care Connect Services Portals

Care Connect is one of Australia's leading home care NFP organisations and connects clients in the aged care, disability, and mental health communities with services that help them continue living independently at home.

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Dept of Defence TRAX Process Automations

The Department of Defence were widely using manual processes and paper-based forms for managing their training courses bookings and associated travel entitlements.

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