Innovate, Connect and Transform with trusted Supply Chain and Logistics solutions.

Discover how our cutting-edge data solutions can provide genuine operational uplift, as well as monitor and protect your high-value assets.


Access your multi-source data in real-time to drive genuine operational uplift.

Experience the transformative power of harnessing real-time* data across your business through our comprehensive solutions.

For Supply chain and Logistics, accessing operational and field data in real-time* across business systems whilst protecting and managing high-coast assets is critical. 

We bring over 20 years of experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics Data Capture space, IOT, and Identity technologies with best-of-breed solutions from our global partners. Our hand-picked sector alliances are fully supported by our robust integration and technology services delivery capabilities.

Monitor and protect your operational Assets, regardless of location (mobile and fixed).

Tailored solutions to address the unique challenges of your industry:

  • Data Streaming from multiple sources
  • Asset and Inventory Management (Mobile and Fixed)
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Anti-Counterfeit
  • Brand Protection
  • Real-Time* Location Tracking
Catering to a diverse range of industries, we provide data-driven, transformative solutions for Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Liquor and Wine, Consumer & Luxury Goods, Industrial, Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Health & Safety, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Local Government, and Building & Construction.

IoT Data Streaming

Connect and process multi-sourced data from across your entire business with real-time* Data Streams and event-driven microservices.

Asset Management

Monitor the location and usage (Mobile and Fixed/Onsite) of high-cost tools, valuable IT assets and Inventory across your operations with proven IT and AIDC/RFID solutions. 

Mobility Management

Secure and manage all your mobile devices and IoT endpoints with SOTI solutions.

IoT Monitoring

Reduce damage risk throughout the supply chain by monitoring temperature, shock, tilt, location, humidity, and light sensitivity.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand by protecting your high-value products from all forms of counterfeiting by connecting them securely to the Blockchain, not just via the brand packaging or label.

World-class supply chain and logistics technology solutions, partnerships and alliances

*Real-time is used as a referenceable capability for Apache Kafka handling high-velocity and high-volume data, delivering thousands of messages per second with latencies as low as 2ms. 

Put simply, we get Supply chain and Logistics.

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