Systems Integration and API Services: we help maximise your technology investments.

Helping to orchestrate project success and navigate change in Fintech SI and complex industries.


4impact helps complex organisations such as banks, insurers, infrastructure, enterprise and more to navigate the complexities of technology transformation and legacy technology modernisation.

We bridge the gap between our client's internal capabilities and the delivery capabilities of technology vendors. 4impact is the orchestrator that helps to deliver fully realised end-to-end solutions. 

Our key goals include maximising the speed and quality at which data flows through different channels, boosting productivity and enhancing the quality of day-to-day operations.

Our role as System Integrator is to plan, design, implement, coordinate, improve and maintain complex technology changes.

This role is not limited to just applications but also supports:

  • the business processes that utilise the applications.
  • ensuring data is easily accessible for all subsystems, all users can work together.
  • the complex many-to-many integrations, both internally and with third parties.
  • the underlying enabling infrastructure.
  • the planning and coordination of the numerous suppliers involved.
  • the upskilling and knowledge retention of staff and users.

Some of the integration technologies we work with:

  • Kafka
  • Camel
  • Azure service bus
  • Azure data factory
  • AWS lambda
  • Azure functions
  • IoT/MQTT

Delivery Assurance

Helping organisations manage and deliver complex technology projects.

4impact’s project management team excels across a range of disciplines, including iterative planning, resource planning, risk management, project governance and budget management.

Solution Assurance

Our dedicated team of senior Analysts and Architects helps your team define business and functional requirements and explore solutions, leading to a tailored solution roadmap.

4impact helps organisations to implement eco-system and bespoke applications.

Integration Assurance

Our experts can recommend the most appropriate integration technologies to ensure your business systems and data are working in unison.

Operational Assurance

As the single point of coordination, 4impact relieves companies from the burden of the day to day management of numerous commercial and service level support.

Put simply, we get integration.

Let's start a conversation about solving your system integration challenges.