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4i Expert Banking™: digital banking change and transition experts.

As 'region-ready' Fintech enablers, our 4i Expert Banking™ teams help banks, mutuals and lenders to digitally evolve and transition.


Banking and lending used to be built to last.
Today, they need to be built to change, they need to be composable.
Change is not an opt-in or opt-out, it's persistent.

At 4impact, we understand the need for region-ready, proven digital solutions that are relevant to the Australian markets.

Whether you are a Bank or a Lender, traditional core systems deliver the same business barriers – poor integration, limited data access and time and cost barriers to change.

  • Are you looking for better digital engagement and customer experience for your customers, the ability to launch new digital products/revenue streams like SME lending, or just replace an existing product in your traditional core?

For mutual banks, we understand how hard it is to weigh up the value or consequence of 'action vs inaction'.

  • There is no shortage of skills, tech or funds, there is however a lack of clarity (and apprehension) on where and how to start. We offer change options in manageable bites that deliver value at every step.

Solve data and integration first to reduce risk and lower costs.

We seek out best-in-class finance technology solutions and help orchestrate them into business outcomes that rapidly deliver value to our banking and lending clients, and to their customers.

We call this approach 4i Expert Banking™.

Our 4i Expert Banking teams primarily focus on Data access, Data management, Governance and reporting, Core banking, Digital products and Open banking.

Investment in the best technology delivers no value without people empowered by the right processes. Effective delivery is about envisioning what’s possible and then harmonizing people, process and technology.​ 4impact's 4i Expert Banking teams focus on leading from the front to bring these elements together.​

4impact has been delivering high-value, complex technology projects since 2005.

Our range of core capabilities helps our customers to deliver complex projects aligned to their business strategies and goals. 4impact can provide both end-to-end project delivery as well as 'fill the gaps' to bolster our clients internal delivery capacity and capability.

Banking Transformation Roadmap


Data Solutions

  • Traditional 'Closed' Core Platform Data Extraction

  • Operational and APRA reporting

  • Data Governance

  • Master Data Management

  • Data Streaming

  • Digital Data products

Digital Lending Solutions

  • Digital Lending Products

  • Digital Product Integration

  • Although we are agnostic in our approach, we do have industry-leading partnerships and alliances with 'region-ready' products and vendors.

Core Banking Solutions

  • Core Banking Project Recovery

  • Core Banking Delivery

  • Core Banking Platforms

Project Resourcing Solutions

  • Provision of expert Banking resources

  • Architecture, Business Process, Data, Testing, Governance, Program and Project, scheduling.

'Region-ready' world-class financial technology solutions, partnerships and alliance

4impact endorses and utilises Apache Kafka

Put simply, we get banking.

Let's start a conversation about unleashing your inner digital bank.


Steve Bolland
Head of Banking

1300 112 100
(Int +617 3177 1400)

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