Data Services to unleash your business potential.

Trusted information and insight hold the key to competitive advantage.


Organisations with reliable, high-quality data about their customers, products, services, and operations make better decisions than those that lack data confidence.

With accurate data, organisations can react to changes in the market or meet their customer and business needs faster than ever before. 

4impact Data Services can help any organisation at any stage of their journey identify and unleash the value of their data.

From the foundation steps of helping define an effective data strategy and governance framework to the secure movement of data within and outside your organisation to the ongoing analysis and visualisation of insights. 


Data Management

Helping organisations to manage and govern their data as a core business asset.

We provide a range of data management advisory and implementation services spanning data strategy, governance, data quality and enrichment, master and reference data management and underlying tools and technologies.

Data Streaming

Building the critical pathways to securely move data within your organisations and between trusted 3rd parties.

4impact assists with designing and implementing data architectures and data streaming integrations.

4impact is a specialised Kafka and partner.

Data Driven Decisions

Data analytics and visualisation pave the way toward transforming data into actionable insights that deliver excellent customer experiences while streamlining workflows and other business processes.

We can assist in transforming your trusted data into actionable information.

Data Migration and Warehousing

Unlock the power of your data with seamless data migration and efficient data warehousing services.

Our expert Data teams provide the strategic guidance, architecture, and warehousing design aligned to your business's target state goals and needs.

Proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools ensure that all projects are deployed, and supported by our proprietary Delivery Assurance program.

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Data Extraction for Pick Legacy Systems

Extract all of your data from restrictive legacy 'Pick' systems and enable enhanced operational reporting and business analytics.

4impact can provide access to all of your 'restricted' Pick data sources (Unidata, Universe and Multi-valued databases) and deliver a robust Data warehousing solution so you can leverage it across your business.

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Put simply, we get data.

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