Brisbane Kafka 101: Data Streaming Education and Training.


No matter your industry, if your team is curious about Kafka Data Streaming, and the business value it can deliver, this education and training program is for you!


Be the reason your team discovers the power and business value of Kafka data streaming and data in motion.

  • Cost: $250 pp
  • Duration: 3 x 2 hr sessions
  • Attendance: Onsite or Online
  • Participation certificate issued on completion
NOTE: Light lunch provided for onsite classes in our Brisbane CBD office.

Our Kafka 101 program is comprised of 3 Modules

By the end of program you will have a strong understanding of Streaming based architectures, and how Streaming can play an important role in unleashing the value of your data, across your business.


This is an interactive 2 hour session introducing the concepts of streaming:

  • What it is, why it matters
  • APIs / ETL and Streaming
  • Kafka as a managed service
  • Your environment and the case for Streaming
  • Use Cases - how others use streaming


This is an interactive 2 hrs session digging deeper into specific use cases identified in Streaming 101.

By focusing on your identified use cases, you will benefit from real-world, and highly relevant insights and practical approaches to drive value-driven business outcomes.


The final 2 hr session is used to summarise learnings and discuss specific topics spawned from the previous sessions.

  • Business Session - targeted at how streaming drives business outcomes

  • Deep dive - into stream processing, connectors and specific product capability

  • Product demo - session to show the actual product and how it works

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