Virgin Australia Flight State Engine (FSE) Replacement



The Opportunity

Virgin Australia relies on dozens of in-house and third-party systems to track and report on the status of current and upcoming flights. Virgin Australia uses an in-house product called Flight State Engine (FSE) to create an authoritative view of flight status, and to stream flight state events to multiple consumers.

Virgin Australia engaged 4impact to replatform FSE, which was built on end-of-life Oracle SOA technology, with a modern, high-performance, highly reliable, high-throughput event streaming implementation based on Confluent Kafka.

4impact's Approach

To replatform FSE, 4impact analysed components of the old FSE and their relationships to the Oracle SOA and other elements of the IT ecosystem.

This in-depth analysis allowed for a planned and phased implementation and parallel run of new FSE to introduce Kafka streaming technology and replace old FSE in stages.

Project Outcomes

The new Kafka platform implementation of FSE went live in late 2022. Since then, it has met or exceeded performance and reliability requirements. The new FSE has also delivered an event-streaming platform which other business areas have used as the starting point for their own new services and offerings.

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Virgin Australia Flight State Engine (FSE) Case Study