Confluent managed services: data streaming platform implementation partner.

Confluent's cloud-native offering is the foundational platform for data in motion – Apache Kafka reinvented.


Confluent is designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organisation.

From Financial services, Omnichannel retail, and Autonomous cars, to Fraud detection, Microservices, and IoT, Confluent will add significant value to how you can leverage and utilise your organisational and operational data, in real-time.

  • Capture and process customer interactions as they happen
  • Unlock a data-rich view of their actions and preferences
  • Engage with them in the most meaningful ways
  • Personalise their experiences, across every channel, in real-time.

The Confluent Platform simplifies connecting data sources to Kafka, building streaming applications, as well as securing, monitoring, and managing your Kafka infrastructure.

How 4impact and Confluent can help with multi-source data streaming challenges

4impact amplifies the value of business through data infrastructure designed to connect all the applications, systems, and data layers of a company around a real-time central nervous system.

We provide an end-to-end service with a focus on reducing time to market and controlling customer's costs and risk, through an iterative and progressive delivery approach.

Confluent completes Kafka to extract more value

Confluent completes Kafka with 120+ connectors, stream processing, enterprise security & governance, global resilience, and more, eliminating the burden and risk of building and maintaining these in-house.


Confluent is a full-scale data streaming platform that enables you to easily access, store, and manage data as continuous, real-time streams.


Confluent is used for a wide array of use cases for:

Financial services, Omnichannel retail, Fraud detection, Autonomous cars, Microservices and IoT.


Confluent features and benefits:

  • Cloud-native
  • Elastic scaling
  • Infinite/tiered storage
  • High availability 99.99% uptime
  • No zookeeper management
  • No-touch patching and upgrades
  • Alleviate kafka resourcing pressures
  • Enterprise security and governance
  • Rich pre-built ecosystem of 120+ connectors
  • Central schema registry
  • Self-balancing clusters
  • Stream catalog and lineage
  • Unrestricted developer productivity

We believe in our people, and in Confluent.

That's why we invest in ensuring we have balanced certifications across our teams.


Discover how we can help you to extend the power of Kafka to release untapped value back into your business.