RACQ Agile Data Migration


The Opportunity

Migrate existing Roadside and other customer data-sets to a new Membership Architecture, whilst also recalculating historical tenure and Loyalty levels.

4impact's Approach

With an agile data migration approach, 4impact established a solid data migration strategy using industry standard ETL processes to design, build and test regularly.

Using a combination of scripts and automation, migrations were regular activities where production extracts were migrated, reconciled and reported on to provide feedback on the validity of the process for business approval.

This built the confidence within the business that business continuity and support could be maintained without disruption all while ensuring the future use of the platform to modern-day security standards and compliances.

Project Outcome

The project further delivered a flexible approach to data transformation as part of the automation. This enabled the business to build in more data insights as part of the migration process



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RACQ Agile Data Migration