HIRO Cloud-based application development and migration



The Opportunity

Prior to engagement with 4impact, the Hiro codebase had been entirely written by a single developer in an on-premise environment without the support of an agile development framework.

Successful delivery of the new project goals would require transitioning the structures for code delivery to one that would enable a project team with defined agile roles to operate effectively. Operating as a start-up, Hiro could not be burdened with unnecessary ongoing expenditure or baggage, so project agility and focus were key.

4impact's Approach

Upon engaging 4impact, Hiro already had around 100 on-premises users and they sought creative and cost-effective proposals to ‘develop to cloud’ without mandating specific architectural designs.

Aiming to commercialise Hiro into an ERP platform the project sought a scalable cloud product with minimal user friction during the migration of existing users.

4impact conducted a review of the codebase before presenting innovative solutions.

Project Outcome

The final application was delivered on time with full specifications including a modern back-end cloud architecture to allow for commercial scalability. New user interfaces, enhanced features, enabled multi-tenanting and the successful cloud migration of existing users was achieved whilst mitigating risk and operational downtime.

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HIRO Cloud-application development Case Study