The 3 stages of Project Resourcing, Technical staffing, Contract recruitment

By taking these steps, companies can stay ahead of the ever-evolving technology landscape and ensure they have the right people with the right skills to tackle their technology needs.

Whether you choose to onboard new team members or use a contract staffing solution such as 4impact, we hope this guide helps you ‘fill the gaps’ to accelerate your project delivery, and ultimately business success:

Stage 1: Identify your technical skills gap

Stage 2: Pick the right staffing strategy

Stage 3: Choose the right technical talent

Stage 1: Identify your skills gap aligned to your commercial delivery needs.

Assessing your team's current skills involves evaluating their current workload, background knowledge, and adaptability to learn new technologies.

You can consult with team members to understand their skills and comfort level in taking on new tasks.

This process will help you create a clear list of what your team can already do, what skills they can learn with training, and what needs cannot be met by the existing team.

Having this information will help you make informed decisions on staffing and training needs to meet your technical goals.

  • Set technical goals: Define your company's needs for technology and associated skills, organized by importance and timeline.

  • Assess your team's current skills: Determine what your current team can handle, what can be learned with training, and what skills are still lacking. Consult with your team members and consider their feedback.

  • Define your technical staffing needs: Based on the results of your technical goals and skills assessment, you can define what specific work functions require additional staff, and collaborate with your current team members to determine the best way to fill those gaps.

Stage 2: Decide on a staffing strategy that fits your business

Once you have identified the skills gap in your technical team, the next step is to choose the right staffing strategy to fill those gaps. There are three main options: hiring full-time employees, using a technical staffing firm, or engaging independent technical professionals.

Hiring full-time employees gives you a long-term resource for your company, but the process can take longer and may not be as flexible if your technology needs change.

On the other hand, using a technical staffing firm can save time, but you will need to pay for their services in addition to the new team member.

Engaging independent technical professionals provides a middle ground between these two options, giving you more flexibility, but requiring you to search for the right talent yourself.

Ultimately, the right staffing strategy will depend on your specific business needs and goals.

Stage 3: Choosing the right technical talent is crucial for both project success and cultural fit

To summarise, the third stage of picking the right technical talent involves the following steps:

  • Assessing for specific skills - this can be done through testing, portfolio review, or using a pre-screening service like Upwork.

  • Evaluating communication and collaboration skills - the new technical talent should fit well with the existing team and have strong communication and collaboration skills.

  • Providing clarity and context - seeking input from the existing team on prospective workers can help ensure good collaboration.

  • Accessing technical talent on demand - to stay competitive, it's important to identify and fill technical skill gaps by hiring employees or engaging temporary workers. The right people should be selected for the job based on the assessed skills and collaboration fit.

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