Unleashing the Power of Pick (UniVerse) Multivalue Data Operating Systems: Extracting, Transforming, and Creating Value

In today's data-driven world, businesses across various industries are constantly seeking ways to maximise the value of their data while minimising the time and effort required for data processing.  

"One solution that has stood the test of time
is the Pick Multivalue data operating system."  

Initially developed in the 1960s, Pick data systems have evolved into powerful tools for managing and extracting value from vast amounts of multivalue data.

Pick Data systems (Unidata, Universe,  Multi-valued databases) and Australian Businesses

Within Australia, the 'Pick data approach' has been adopted across a wide range of industries including Transport and Logistics, Retail and Distribution, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and Healthcare. 

By extracting all their Pick data empowers companies to unlock the full potential of their data, enabling advanced analytics, improved data security, streamlined collaboration, regulatory compliance, optimised performance, automation enablement and future-proofing their data management capabilities. 

Enhanced Data Analysis: By extracting all their Pick data, companies gain access to a comprehensive dataset that can be used for advanced data analysis. This allows them to identify patterns, trends, and insights that can drive strategic decision-making, optimise operations, and uncover new business opportunities. 

The most common business drivers for companies to extract and access all their Pick data 

Integration with Modern Technologies: Extracting Pick data enables companies to integrate their data with modern technologies and analytics platforms. By consolidating data from multiple sources and systems, organisations can leverage advanced analytics tools, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence models to gain deeper insights and make data-driven predictions. 

Improved Data Security and Disaster Recovery: Extracting Pick data ensures that a backup copy of the data is available, which is crucial for data security and disaster recovery purposes. Companies can implement robust backup and recovery strategies to safeguard their data, protect against system failures or breaches, and ensure business continuity. 

Streamlined Data Sharing and Collaboration: Extracted Pick data can be shared and collaborated upon more easily. Companies can transform and format the data into common standards or formats, enabling seamless data exchange with partners, customers, or third-party systems. This facilitates collaboration, enhances interoperability, and promotes data-driven decision-making across different stakeholders. 

Regulatory Compliance: Extracting Pick data allows companies to meet regulatory compliance requirements more effectively. By having complete and organised data sets, organisations can generate accurate reports, perform audits, and demonstrate adherence to industry-specific regulations, such as data privacy laws, financial regulations, or healthcare compliance standards. 

Scalability and Performance Optimisation: Extracting Pick data provides an opportunity for companies to optimise their system performance and scalability. By offloading historical or less frequently accessed data, organisations can improve the speed and efficiency of their operational systems, ensuring optimal performance for real-time transactions and critical business processes. 

Flexibility and Futureproofing: Extracting Pick data offers companies flexibility in terms of data storage, management, and future system transitions. It allows them to adapt to evolving technologies and data storage architectures, migrate to cloud-based solutions, or implement new data management strategies without being tied to a specific legacy system. 

How easy is it to extract all of a company's Pick data? 

The amount of complexity around extracting all of a company's Pick data depends on factors such as the capabilities of the Pick system itself, the complexity of the data, the availability of extraction tools and expertise, data volume considerations, and the implementation of proper data security and compliance measures.

Main influences on Pick data extraction complexity:

  • The Pick Data System Capabilities
  • Extraction Tools and Expertise
  • Data Volume and Performance Considerations
  • Data Extraction Strategy
  • Data Security and Compliance 
4impact can provide the expertise using ‘region ready’ processes and solutions to access to all your Pick data sources (Unidata, Universe,  Multi-valued databases) and deliver a robust Data warehousing solution so you can leverage it across your business.  

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